Many editing companies charge a standard rate per word, per 1,000 words, or per page. However, this policy is too impersonal, and generic for our liking. We prefer to base our fee on an hourly rate and to provide our clients with estimates that are tailored to their unique manuscripts and are based on our assessment of their editing requirements and the time required to complete the work.Having comprehensively researched the rates charged by the top editing companies, and based on recommended rates in several countries, including Canada, the United States, and a number of European countries, we have set our rates in a fair and transparent way for our clients as well as for ourselves.

We offer the same standards of excellence as leading international editing companies, some of which are our clients, but our rates are much more affordable. Currently, we charge the following rates for editing (academic and other types):

EUR 33/USD 40/CAD 50 per hour (the actual rate charged depends on the client’s location, with clients outside of Europe and North America charged at US dollar rates.)

We reserve the right to change these rates in the future based on fluctuating currency rates. However, we will always charge a rate that is fair and transparent. We also offer discounted rates for students.

The final quote that we will charge you will depend on the scope of the work and your requirements relating to supplementary author services that we provide.

If you require expedited service beyond the standard delivery time frame, the fee will be higher and we will let you know what this fee is after you let us know your requirements.

We would like to emphasize that the fees that we charge are customized and are not standardized. We calculate the final fee based on a thorough assessment of the editing needs of your manuscript. We do not offer different levels of editing, because we believe that every manuscript is equal and deserves to reach the Eyrie peak of excellence based on our exacting standards.

The following set rates (or their equivalent apply to complementary author services that can be ordered in addition to editing:

Cover letter development: USD 50.00 (or the equivalent in EUR or CAD)

Abstract development: USD 150.00 (or the equivalent in EUR or CAD)

Journal recommendation: USD 200.00 (or the equivalent in EUR or CAD)

Reviewer recommendation: USD 200.00 (or the equivalent in EUR or CAD)

We offer generous discounts for package deals if you would like to order two or more of these author services.

The pricing for students’ graduate application statements depends on the amount of work required and whether or not we need to talk with a student on Skype to help them to clarify and develop their ideas. Please contact us to discuss the scope of work and obtain an estimate depends on the amount of work required