Author and Writing Services

We currently offer a number of academic author services aimed at assisting scholars to select and target journals to which they can submit their manuscripts and increasing their chances of getting published. These services, which are offered individually or in combination as a discounted package along with editing, can ensure that your application and submission of a manuscript, and the accompanying documents, are of high caliber, complete, tailored to the requirements of the target journal, and stand a good chance of being considered by the journal editor for publication.In addition, we work with students to help them to develop statements of purpose for college and university applications. This is mostly a mentoring exercise and may include a discussion of their ideas, suggestions on how to frame their applications, inputs into their writing, and editing of their written work, depending on their requirements. However, we do not actually write applications.In the near future, we will be offering a range of professional writing services that are targeted to the non-profit sector. These specialized and focused writing services will be posted here, so please check this page for announcements of our new services.


Formatting manuscripts :

If you would like us to format your manuscript, we offer this as a separate task. Formatting work includes ensuring that the manuscript is correctly formatted according to the required style guide of your publication. This covers headings, line spacing, indented paragraphs, in-text and reference list citations, and other formatting requirements. We can also apply basic formatting to your tables and check the text.

Cover Letter Writing Service:

If you require a cover letter for submission with your manuscript to the target journal, we can write an effective and persuasive one for you that is likely to catch the attention and interest of the journal editor. This letter will be succinct and impactful, presenting concise statements on the background, methods, and results of your study as well as the reasons why it will interest readers of the target journal and its contribution to the research literature. We will also check other requirements for cover letters specified by the journal you have selected.

Abstract writing service:

If you order this service, we will develop a new abstract for your paper that provides a concise summary of the manuscript and is correctly structured according to the requirements of your target journal and within the specified word limit. The abstract will present the background, methods, results, conclusions, and implications of your study as a well framed stand-alone document.

Journal recommendations:

If you order this service, we will provide you with a report containing our recommendations of four target journals for your manuscript, ranked in descending order, that are tailored to your publishing criteria. In this report, we will outline the reasons for our recommendations and provide you with key details on the recommended journals to enable you to make an informed choice regarding your target journal.

Reviewer recommendations:

If your target journal requires a list of recommended reviewers, we can provide you with a report in which we identify up to four scholars who would be particularly appropriate choices as reviewers in terms of their fields of study, appropriate levels of seniority, and research interests. The report will include relevant details on these individuals’ research backgrounds, their contact details, and examples of papers that they have published.


We work with individual students on their draft statements of purpose, however preliminary, helping them to convey their scholarly aspirations in an effective way that is persuasive and draws the attention of the concerned academic selection committees.

We help students to frame, develop, and organize their ideas, and we subsequently edit their written work to ensure that it reflects what they want to express. In some cases, we may also speak with a student on Skype to further discuss his or her application.

We will not actually write your statement of interest as this would be unethical, but we will help you to clarify and express your thoughts clearly and will polish your writing to ensure that it captures the interest and attention of members of your selection committee as a strong application that meets their selection criteria.

We look forward to working with you to help you get published or gain admission into your chosen college or university.