We believe that our clients’ and colleagues’ testimonials about our work, and, importantly, the collaborative and respectful relationships that we build with them, speak for themselves.

Here are testimonials from two professionals, formerly doctoral students at Walden University, whose dissertations we edited.

I can’t thank you enough for enhancing my project and providing great details to improve the readability of my work. You made my voice stronger by ensuring the sentence structure and the proper word choices were used and framed in a scholarly manner. Thanks so much! Martha D. (PhD, Public Health) 

Martha later requested help with editing her job application statement for a position in the US Public Health Department. She was successful in obtaining that post.

I am delighted to inform you that last Friday, my Committee approved my dissertation and forwarded it to the University Research Reviewer (URR). I just got an email today that it has been approved at that level too. It has now been forwarded to the University Chief Academic Officer—the very last stage—for University level endorsement! In all these, no single comment/revision was requested!! . . . I want to register my profound appreciation to you for the fantastic work you did on the manuscript. That there has not been a single comment is down to your hard work and I want you to know that I appreciate it a lot.  Joe L. (PhD, Public Policy and Administration)

From Europe, here are two further testimonials:

In her Master’s thesis, Claudia included the following acknowledgment: Thank you Radhika, because you made my language beautiful. She later sent the following very moving testimonial:

Maybe Radhika does not imagine how important her accurate work on my texts and the empathetic working relationship that we have built with the passing of time—without having actually ever met in person—have been to the success, cum laude, of my thesis. She is professional, engaged, precise, punctual, but most of all really sensible. While I was working on the final stages of my thesis in Italy, she sent me long emails from Toronto attaching not only the chapters’ reviews, but also motivation and admiration sentences that everyone who have ever engaged with the hard process of writing a thesis knows how wonderful are to receive in such moments. Her humanity and sensibility, her heart-felt collaboration and engagement with what she does are something that is hard to find in most of our other working and life relationships, but that without doubt is of extreme importance for the ethic of life in society. As a woman, and a feminist, I would have never asked for a better working companion during this tough process. . . . She tends not to distort at all the intentions of the writer, trying to stay as faithful as possible to the original text. She does not make changes without asking, she makes suggestions for every sentence. She is really “into” your work and she also makes notes suggesting different ways to put your ideas. The fact that she was extremely prepared about gender studies and anthropology was a real help since no implicit concept got lost or misunderstand in her reviewing work. Radhika is a serious worker, a prepared intellectual and a sensible person. I would strongly recommend her as a reviewer. Claudia M. (Gemma Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies, Utrecht University, the Netherlands).

After submitting her doctoral dissertation, Corinne wrote:

I would like you to know that your help in the very final stages of my writing process was truly amazing. Your ability to bring out the intended meaning of my at times awkward sentences really helped me to be confident about this manuscript – I hope that my reviewers will see and appreciate the work we both put into polishing up. I also wanted to thank you for your motivation and enthusiasm, which made your copy editing much more than merely working on my language and phrasing. Our deadlines motivated me to complete the revisions and you were a great source of support in this otherwise rather lonely process. Corinne G. (PhD candidate, University of Giessen, Germany).

And finally, here are some testimonials from senior quality control editors with whom Radhika, the Lead Editor at the Eyrie, has worked.

Mark G., the senior editor responsible for quality control at Uni- edit writes:

Of the many Editors I have supervised at Uni-edit, Radhika stands out for her talent. Customers regularly remark positively on the thoroughness of her editing work. In addition to meticulous attention to English style, she can provide curious authors with cogent commentary on content and the publication process.

Mark’s comments about a particular edit were as follows:

I was reviewing your 1st Edit for xxx as a part of random inspections I do in my role as Senior Editor. I was very impressed with the command of subject matter throughout, and language adjustments, even slight, that brought a deeper significance to the author’s words. . . . I want to recognize that you bring this level of attention to your editing work at Uni-edit generally, not just this job. It makes me feel safe when you’re assigned a 1st Edit, because I know the customer will be happy.

Representative comments from colleagues responsible for quality control at Edanz Editing include:

I am responsible for assigning editing work and checking the quality of completed edits. Radhika Johari’s editing is continually superb and goes beyond what is asked of her. She demonstrates a genuine concern and care for the authors’ success. Her edits are consistently effective and add great value to the works she edits, and are made even better by her perceptive and instructive comments. Her knowledge spans the breadth of the social sciences, including policy-related work, business, and economics, yet she can also edit effectively in topics that may appear outside the sphere of her expertise. Editing of non-native users of English, especially in the social sciences, can entail extensive reworking of language and making keen inferences. Ms. Johari shows patience and skill in this time-consuming and potentially frustrating task. I feel reassured in being able to work with such a capable and conscientious editor. Adam G.

Thanks for another great job. Your editing increased the language quality of the manuscript and you provided many helpful comments for the authors, which I’m sure they will appreciate. Ayli C.

Thank you for your excellent work on this edit. In addition to your changes to improve readability and remove non-native expressions, your comments will be essential to the authors as they revise their manuscript. Your attention to the details of the journal instructions was also great. Robert C.

And lastly, here is some feedback from Charlesworth Author Services:

The author’s text was not easy to read or understand and the editor had done a very thorough job. Fluent, readable manuscript, with comprehensive comments to the author.

We look forward to adding your comments and feedback here!